Reclaiming the Promise Missouri

Join educators, parents, students, civic leaders and community members to reclaim the promise of public education.

In the past 14 years, Missouri has lost at least 110 gifted education programs. Schools in the state aren't required to have a gifted program, and with no money allocated directly to gifted programs, there's no financial incentive to have one. This is especially true in small districts in rural areas where pressure from teachers and parents isn't always strong enough to keep programs afloat within a tight budget.

Even with the largest education budget in state history, programs like these are being cut. What do you feel the value of gifted education programs are for your students? Are there other special programs that you feel are being undervalued in you schools and districts?

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Here in Missouri our legislature is very unlikely to fully finance its own formula to help local school districts. The same is true in many states. Additional support for organizing that seeks to reclaim, refund and reform our public schools would be an enormous help to African American and Latino boys.

Eye to the future

More conflict about future of public education especially in Missouri. More than 2,000 kids are being bused every day to St. Louis suburban districts. State legislators, unions and faith groups like us are searching for solutions to help them get a quality education nearer to home.

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Reclaim The Promise Missouri